Electronic Components Distribution

Global Component Exchange, Inc. is the premier global supply chain partner with proprietary software to track supply and demand universally, providing real-time product availability for technology-driven companies.

With access to same-day shipping for over two billion components, uniquely positions GCX Inc. with semiconductors and electronic components to meet your critical demands. Through our franchise and direct distribution channels, GCX Inc. serves as a primary partner for all OEM and EMS customers.

Having global purchasing teams enables us to provide real-time, accurate industry information on availability to help you meet production goals and create cost reduction opportunities worldwide 24 hours a day to secure hard-to-find and obsolete parts.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge, our leaders have established the widest and most reliable global electronic components distribution network, complementing our clients’ existing supply channels with our extensive electronic components distribution services and market expertise. We partner with our clients helping them to capitalize immediately on opportunities in order to bridge supply gaps, reduce costs, manage inventory, and speed time to market.

The staff at GCX Inc. has redefined the meaning of performance in the independent space. Our continued efforts to provide improving quality and reliability in all aspects of supply chain, inventory procurement, customer service, business relationships, and financial position.